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NWP Enviro

Resource Recovery, Northern Ireland

At NWP Enviro, we strive to provide our customers with an alternative to landfilling contaminated soils and other contaminated waste streams.

We continuously develop new ideas to solve complex environmental ground and contamination problems to deliver our clients real environmental and cost benefits.

We work in partnership with our Specialist Consultants and clients to help them achieve their project objectives on time and within budget. We manage the risks to ensure our clients have peace of mind and provide confidence that the project is being managed by professionals.

about us

Our Mission

At NWP Enviro, it’s our mission to create a Cleaner Earth. Through our work across the construction and waste management sectors, we treat the waste streams as a resource and seek to recover materials for environmental use rather than landfilling.

NWP Enviro strongly believes that a sustainable environment isn’t optional – it’s essential and deliverable.

about us

Our Vision

At NWP Enviro, our vision is of a future Cleaner Earth for future generations to prosper and enjoy.

Through our work, all elements: earth, vegetation and air, will be restored to their most natural, beautiful form so that wildlife and communities can thrive in harmony.

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